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Episode 5 Ruby Jewel Lisa Herlinger and Becky Burnette

Episode 5 Ruby Jewel Lisa Herlinger and Becky Burnette

Lisa Herlinger quietly started making ice cream sandwiches out of the cafe she worked the day shift in as a line cook. Her hand made, seasonal flavors took off and soon enough she had a business on her hands, Ruby Jewel. Today there are three Ruby Jewel Scoop Shops around Portland, and you can find Ruby Jewel Ice Cream Sandwiches in retailers region wide. Lisa and her sister Becky join me to chat about building their business, how much ice cream they let their kids eat, and their favorite eats around town. 

The Marshall’s are back to discuss fresh corn! This seasonal favorite is at its peak, and whether you choose to eat it off the cob, shave it off to mix into summer dishes, or put it up, Sarah and Dirk have recommendations to make the most of it. 

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Mentioned in the show:

Milo's City Cafe

Jason French

Ned Ludd


Portland Farmers Market

Food Innovation Center

Baskin Robbins

Dove Ice Cream Bar

Seely Mint

CB's Nuts Peanut Butter

Nossa Familia

Sarah Minnick

ButterCup Ice Creams and Chowder

Oregon State Park



Seastar Bakery

No Bones Beach Club



Taqueria Nueve

Danwei Canting

Han Oak


La Taq

Hat Yai

Food in Jars

Lovely's Fifty Fifty

Bit House Saloon



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