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Episode 4 Sarah Masoni

Episode 4 Sarah Masoni

Product Development Manager Sarah Masoni works with small Oregon Consumer Package Goods companies to grow their business and troubleshoot just about every stage of getting a product from ideation to market. With 17 years under her belt at the Food Innovation Center in Portland Oregon, Sarah is creating new events for the community to embrace and champion specialty crops from Oregon. 

Later in the show, spicy duo Sarah and Dirk Marshall uncover how chefs are using cherry tomatoes on restaurant menus this summer, and Sarah shares a can’t miss tip for putting up cherry tomatoes for the winter to come. 


Show Links

Food Innovation Center

Chedz Snacks

Skout Backcountry

Paley's Fruit and Nut Bar

OSU Seaweed

Crop Up Dinners

Climb Center, "Getting Your Recipe to Market"

Northwest Food and Beverage World Expo 2018

Fifty Licks

Portland Farmers Market

Slow Roasted Cherry Tomatoes 

Tomato Tart

Freezing Cherry Tomatoes

Burst Cherry Tomatoes and Cherry Tomatoes

Freezing Cherry Tomatoes

Pickled Cherry Tomatoes

Preservation Pantry

Tomato Jam





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