PDX Food Stories is a bi-weekly podcast for the food nerds, the restaurant geeks, and the farmers markets fanatics. 

Episode 1 Marshall's Haute Sauce

Episode 1 Marshall's Haute Sauce

Sarah and Dirk Marshall started their boutique hot sauce business, Marshall’s Haute Sauce out of their Portland kitchen and began selling at the Portland Farmer's Market, where you can still see them every Saturday during the summer season. 

They discuss build their space in the Portland food community, from the farmers they source from, the chefs they collaborate with, to the entrepreneurs the mentor. 

In every episode, Sarah and Dirk help me explore a fresh ingredient at the farmer's market, this episode we explore the mild radish, daikon. Sarah gives listeners some tips for using at home, and Dirk shares how local chefs are using daikon in their kitchens and on their menus. 

In this episode:

PSU Farmer's Market

Gregory Gourdet, Departure Restaurant

Ataula and Chesa Restaurants

Rick Steffen Farm

DeNoble Farm






Episode 2 Lindsay Strannigan

Episode 2 Lindsay Strannigan