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Episode 6 Samantha Chulick and Kohlrabi

Episode 6 Samantha Chulick and Kohlrabi

Samantha Chulick began her career in food with a passion for wine. From covering a local wine beat in Santa Barbara, Sam worked her way through various magazines and PR firms to her current gig, head of PR for Stumptown Coffee (!!!). Sam shares great tips for finding and cultivating your passion for food (or wine), and a few PR pointers guaranteed to make anyone's life a little easier. 

Sarah and Dirk Marshall and I take a look at kohlrabi. If you frequent farmers markets, guaranteed you've seen this brassica come late fall and into winter. We uncover some unique uses and dig into my love for mayonnaise based salad dressings (love you forever veganaise).

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Show Notes

Travel Oregon


Santa Barbara Magazine

Domaine LA, Jill Bernheimer

Feast Portland

Punch Magazine

San Fransisco Chronicle

Jon Bonne,  New California Wine

Secrets of the Sommeliers by Rajat Parr, Sandhi Wines

Bon Appetit, So What Exactly is Natural Wine? Marissa Ross

St. Reginald Parish

Bow and Arrow

Division Wines

Gamine, Kate Norris

Fossil and Fawn

St. Jack


Maya Lovelace, Mae



Angle Face

Women Laughing Alone with Salad

David Tanis, Market Cooking




Groundworks Organics





Episode 5 Radicchio

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