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Episode 6 Radicchio

Episode 6 Radicchio

Let me start by saying radicchio is one of the most beautiful vegetables we get the opportunity to bring into our home. Next to savory cabbage and romanesco, this stunner encourages us to create dishes worth of their striking form. That said, I pretty much dread radicchio season because I just can't get down with bitter. But, I want to! In Italian food culture (which I very desperately want to emulate in my home dining experience) bitter is an essential player in the dining cycle.

You can't taste the sweet without the bitter, and so, on this episode of PDX Food Stories, Sarah, Dirk and I yuk it up with tips on how to prepare radicchio so that it is less bitter, a fun preserving technique (helpful if you have a winter CSA), and our (well- Dirk and Sarah's) favorite Radicchio dishes around town.

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Show Notes

Diane Morgan, The Christmas Table

Nostrana Radicchio Salad

Tasty n Sons Radicchio Salad

Marcella Hazan

Preservation Pantry

Nong's Khao Man Gai

Ruth Reichl


Episode 5 Ruby Jewel Lisa Herlinger and Becky Burnette

Episode 5 Ruby Jewel Lisa Herlinger and Becky Burnette